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October 3, 2012 at 3:28am

Sydney’s City Action Plan

The City of Sydney Cycle Strategy and Action Plan (2007-2017) is a plan made to make cycling a more attractive form of transport.

Here is a snapshot of the specific aims and targets of the plan (as outlined on their site):

Here are some key points from the document:

  • Cycling in the city is perceived as too dangerous, especially for women
  • The perceived health benefits significantly outweigh the injury risks of cycling
  • Driver attitude and behavior is a crucial factor to the perceived danger of cycling. The best way to improve this is with more bikes.
  • Some cyclist’s must also appreciate legitimate road users moreso.
  • Both cyclists and pedestrians must recognise their shared pathways, and their consequent responsibility (similarly for cyclists and drivers).
  • Recreational routes are a good opportunity to promote cycling for recreation and tourism.
  • Sydney is filled with many roads that are characterised as ‘high difficulty’ due too; traffic speed, volume, buses, insufficient space, traffic signals not considering cyclists. In situations where a primary road is too impractical to build bike facilities, the city will promote safer, more convenient, and direct alternative routes.
  • The City of Sydney recognises, and has proposed, appropriate signage that considers cyclists also.
  • Cyclist rules can be fragmented, e.g. cyclists can also use some bus lanes (most drivers don’t seem to be aware of this).
  • Overall, the action plan attempts too:
    • support current cyclists
    • encourage potential cyclists
    • provide information on routes, safety and facilities
    • educate drivers and cyclists to respect all road users

The document greatly supports our own findings from our research and user interviews.

The action plan was additionally divided into a:

  • cycling action plan
  • cycling equity action plan
  • cycling safety action plan
  • cycling promotion action plan

From this, we gleaned four categories of focus:

  • mapping / trip planning
  • data collection
  • education
  • promotion

Additional bicycle user categories were also outlined, these were children, local cyclists, commuters, adult student cyclists, recreational cyclists, sport cyclists, tourist cyclists, bicycle couriers, and bicycle non-users.

Cycle Strategy And Action Plan 2007-2017.pdf