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October 3, 2012 at 3:24am

The state of cycling in Sydney

Here are some comparative maps of bike maps between Sydney and other cities.

Melbourne vs Sydney

Aarhus vs Sydney

Amsterdam vs Sydney

Helsinki vs Sydney

Copenhagen vs Sydney

In terms of New South Wales vs Copenhagen, approximately 1.05 million people in NSW ride a bicycle each week. That is a large amount of people, however only 67% of the people who do ride, only ride for recreational purposes and only 13% ride for commuting. When comparing this to the city of Copenhagen, a massive 50% of the entire population ride bicycles to commute to work/study.

Additionally, in parts of Australia, the transport sector can make up to 25% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Some quotes from our user interviews:

  • “Most bikes are regarded as toys”, not taken seriously on roads and can lead to frustration.
  • “Get rid of them, get them off the road! Or give them more bike lanes” - an interviewee says in regards to cyclists
  • “bottom of the food chain” - is what a cyclist states they can be considered as
  • “Sydney can be quite dangerous to ride on main streets”
  • “In Sydney, you must be quite motivated to ride”.

This is a diagram of the current and proposed bike network of Sydney by the year 2030.

For reference, this is a google map view of the same area of Sydney

The City of Sydney provides a better diagram comparing the current and proposed networks.

The City of Sydney also provides diagrams of High difficulty roads, or prohibited roads:

Cycle Strategy And Action Plan 2007-2017.pdf
Electric bikes part of the Sydney Australia Sustainable Transport Plan